PHILGUARANTEE Launches Digital Transformation Journey with Cloud-based ERP System: Active Business Solutions and IOM Philippines Sign Commitment Pledge

PHILGUARANTEE signed a commitment pledge with Active Business Solutions Inc. (ABS Inc.) and IOM Philippines on March 8, 2024, to develop a Cloud-based Software as a Service Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System for PHILGUARANTEE. Prompted by Executive Order No. 58, the need for an integrated accounting system became urgent to meet reportorial governance standards. PHILGUARANTEE commenced its ICT modernization plan since approval of the Department of Information and Communication Technology (DICT) in March 2023. The ERP project aims to empower management and employees by centralizing and integrating financial data to generate accurate, timely reports. With the goal to comply with PHILGUARANTEE Management’s requirements and regulatory guidelines, the ERP system will automate accounting, procurement, inventory, cash, and budget management processes.

SVP Ian A. Briones, has underscored the importance of the ongoing digital transformation efforts in his welcome remarks, and emphasized that the PHILGUARANTEE’s endeavors in digitalization are in line with the broader national objective of automating processes, reducing processing time, and contributing to sustainability efforts by minimizing carbon footprint. As PHILGUARANTEE commemorates five years post-merger, the timing of their digitalization project could not be more opportune. SVP Briones highlighted the strategic significance of this initiative, noting that it coincides with the corporation’s aspirations to fully leverage digital technologies for operational enhancements. He stressed that the implementation of an ERP System is poised to not only provide PHILGUARANTEE with a technological edge but also ensure operational efficiency, accuracy, and productivity.


Mr. Kumar Rasaratnam from IOM Philippines and Mr. Joseph R. Cruz from ABS Inc., have signed a pledge of commitment, which was acknowledged by Mr. Alberto Pascual, President and CEO of PHILGUARANTEE. The commitment emphasizes the importance of the PHILGUARANTEE Enterprise

Resource Planning (ERP) project in achieving modernization goals. They pledge dedication to the successful implementation of the project, highlighting the impact of a well-designed ERP system using Oracle Fusion on operational efficiency, accuracy, and productivity.

The commitments include 1.) prioritizing functionality that enhances productivity, 2.) upholding technical excellence and innovation, and 3.) fostering open communication and collaboration among stakeholders. The signatories expressed confidence in delivering a transformative ERP system that enables PHILGUARANTEE to achieve long-term growth and goals.

Mr. Madhurya Pathirage, the Project Manager from IOM, delivered a comprehensive presentation on the ERP Project Milestones. His objective was to elucidate the implementation approach, particularly focusing on the project timeline for the cloud solution. Mr. Pathirage outlined the stages that will be covered and provided insights into how the team, collectively, will achieve the project objectives. Most importantly, he shed light on the expected outcomes of the endeavor.

In the keynote speech of SVP Marilou Medina, she discussed that the endeavor of the project requires dedication, expertise, and possibly sacrifices, but promises lasting benefits. SVP Medina highlighted that each team member is called to commit to the project’s success and the goal is to implement the ERP system, embodying excellent recording and reporting processes, through collective effort and teamwork.

The meeting concluded with an inspiring ending speech by PHILGUARANTEE President and CEO Alberto Pascual. In his address, Mr. Pascual reflected on the significance of the event as a defining moment in PHILGUARANTEE’s journey towards modernization and efficiency.

Mr. Pascual expressed heartfelt appreciation to the developers for their steadfast commitment to shaping the organization’s future through innovation and dedication.
He emphasized that the pledge signed by the developers was not just a symbolic gesture but a powerful commitment to the organization’s vision and goals.

Highlighting the developers’ pledge to build the Oracle Fusion ERP system as a cornerstone in PHILGUARANTEE’s ICT Modernization Plan, Mr. Pascual commended their dedication to quality and adherence to industry standards. He expressed confidence that this system would serve as a robust and reliable platform, meeting all project requirements and laying a solid foundation for the organization’s operations.