Terms and Conditions

  1. Guarantee Facility Application Letter indicating: (Original Copy)
    1. The requested amount of Guarantee Facility; and
    2. The type of Guarantee coverage (e.g. Bond, Standard, Cashflow)
To be provided by the applicant-entity
  1. Company Profile
    1. Company Background (Original Copy)
    2. Accomplished Business Information Sheet(Original Copy with Annexes)
    3. SEC Registration & Articles of Incorporation & By-Laws (Photocopy)
    4. General Information Sheet (Photocopy)
    5. Secretary’s Certificate evidencing Board’s approval for a Guarantee Facility application (Original Copy)
    6. Organizational Structure (Photocopy)
    7. *Services offered (Original Copy)
      * May also be indicated in the application letter or may be cited as part of the Annual Report, if any.
    8. Value of prospective enrollments (Original Copy)
    9. List of creditors, contractors, suppliers and relationship-banks indicating the name of the contact person and telephone number (Original Copy)
    10. List of completed and on-going projects including location, type of development, selling price and period of development
To be provided by the applicant-entity
  1. Financial Documents
    1. One (1) copy of audited Financial Statements for the past two (2) years (Photocopy)
    2. Composition/Classification of Loans and Receivables with amount/value for the past year (if not stated in the notes to FS)
    3. Gross Non-Performing Loans (NPL) for Housing Loans for the last two (2) years (Original Copy)
To be provided by the applicant-entity
  1. Lending Parameters for Housing Loans (Original Copy)
To be provided by the applicant-entity