PHILGUARANTEE bags Rising Star Award in information tilt

The Philippine Guarantee Corporation (PHILGUARANTEE) receives ‘Rising Star Award’ from the Freedom of Information (FOI) on November 25, 2022 via its Facebook page for having exemplified great progress and performance in the implementation of the FOI program.

The submission of the Agency Information Inventory, FOI Quarterly Registry, FOI Quarterly Summary, and production of an updated one-page FOI Manual has made the PHILGUARANTEE achieve such exemplary performance.

2022 is the sixth year of implementing the information program. It allows Filipino citizens to request any information about government transactions and operations, provided that it shall not put into jeopardy privacy and matters of national security.

PHILGUARANTEE has been engaged in the program since 2020 with its goal of providing public information and promoting accountability following Executive Order 2, s. 2016.

Compliance with the FOI Program is one of the requirements in the grant of performance-based bonus per Administrative Order 25 Memorandum Circular 2021-1.

In recognition of the efforts of government agencies, individuals, and organizations who contributed to the development and progress of the FOI Program, the FOI – Project Management Office shortlists names of nominees who contributed to the development of the said program. The FOI program was among the first documents to operationalize during the administration of then-President Rodrigo Duterte to “promote an open government by increasing the transparency of the executive branch and its agencies.” The program also strengthens the right to information as enshrined by the Constitution.

From: Corporate Communications Department